Garage Services Trowbridge
Transport Yard, Cold Harbour, Great Hinton

Garage Services Trowbridge
Auto Garage Trowbridge (Wiltshire)

Our partners offers some repair services like: Brakes, Mufflers and Exhaust systems, Auto parts, Transmissions, Body parts, Tires, Automobile Electrification,  Air conditioner repairs, Glass repairs and installation, Engine air filter, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid, Automatic transmission fluid, Steering Repair, Car Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Coolant/antifreeze, Align, rotate and inflate your tires, Timing Belt, Serpentine Belts, Coolant Hoses, Car Heating & A/C, Steering, Suspension & Alignment, Brake Repair, Timing Belt, Diesel/Gas engine, Check Engine Light, Cooling System, Fuel System, Steering System, Tune Up System, Drive Belt, Charging System, Motor Mount, Suspension System, Computer diagnostics, Emissions Testing, Automotive Service, Parts and Repair.


Our team of experienced mechanics can carry out efficient, cost-effective car servicing. We repair and install a wide range of parts, including brakes, clutches, and air conditioning.

We provide thorough, professional MOT tests and safety inspections. Using our expertise, we will highlight any issues and ensure that your vehicle is safe.

If you would like to find out more information about our garage services, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly staff in Trowbridge are always happy to answer any enquiries.


Our services include:

• Brakes, clutches and exhausts
• Steering and suspension
• Vehicle diagnostics using the latest technology
• Welding
• Air conditioning servicing, repairs and diagnostics
• Computerised 4 wheel laser alignment
• Alloy wheel straightening and refurbishment
• Wheels and tyres supplied and fitted
• Tow bars supplied and fitted
• Deodorisation for removing odours, bugs and bacteria.

We carry out MOTs on:

• Personal cars
• 4 x 4s
• Commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes
• Vintage cars
• Quad bikes
...and more!

    Body repair services in Trowbridge

Want to get your car looking as good as new? We offer body repair services for all types of vehicles, from vintage cars to 4 x 4s and quad bikes. With Hilton Services you can expect a fast and reliable body repair service, so you can have your car restored in no time. We take care of all repairs, from scratch removal to alloy wheel straightening.

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