Garage Services Huddersfield
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Garage Services Huddersfield
Auto Garage Huddersfield (West Yorkshire)

Our partners offers some repair services like: Brakes, Mufflers and Exhaust systems, Auto parts, Transmissions, Body parts, Tires, Automobile Electrification,  Air conditioner repairs, Glass repairs and installation, Engine air filter, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid, Automatic transmission fluid, Steering Repair, Car Suspension, Wheel Alignment, Coolant/antifreeze, Align, rotate and inflate your tires, Timing Belt, Serpentine Belts, Coolant Hoses, Car Heating & A/C, Steering, Suspension & Alignment, Brake Repair, Timing Belt, Diesel/Gas engine, Check Engine Light, Cooling System, Fuel System, Steering System, Tune Up System, Drive Belt, Charging System, Motor Mount, Suspension System, Computer diagnostics, Emissions Testing, Automotive Service, Parts and Repair.


Our services include MOT Testing (Class 4 and Class 7), Servicing and Repairs, Diagnostics and Tyres and Exhausts. We service and maintain all makes and models of petrol and diesel vehicles, from cars to light commercial vans. Established in 1997, PM Auto Repairs have been providing a professional, friendly and reliable service to the drivers of Huddersfield for over 14 years.


    Servicing and Repairs

By having your vehicle regularly serviced you ensure that it remains in safe working order and any potential problems can be dealt with before they arise.

Since 2003 government legislation states that motorists are entitled to use a garage of their choice when getting their new car serviced. This means you can come to PM Auto Repairs rather than a main dealer without invalidating your new car warranty. We will service your car according to manufacturer's servicing schedules, use genuine parts and record the service in the service book when everything is complete. Our skilled technicians provide the same level of service as the main dealers, but without the high prices.

Whatever the age of your vehicle we can ensure through the correct servicing schedule and the use of genuine high quality parts that it will remain safe and in top condition for years to come.

    Car Diagnostics

We have the latest vehicle diagnostic equipment to test, solve, repair and reset any problems your vehicle may be having, such as Engine diagnostic problems, Airbag systems and ABS Brake system.

    Tyres and Exhausts

We’re able to carry out all tyre maintenance such as repair or replacement of damaged tyres. We’re able to fit all the popular brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, firestone and also a comprehensive range of budget tyres.

An exhaust system does 3 important jobs – it controls engine noise levels, it reduces your cars emissions and it helps engine performance. To increase your cars life and prevent future damage, it is essential that your exhaust system is in a good working condition.

For an Exhaust inspection, repair or replacement call PM Auto Repairs today on: 01484 462905

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